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Unicorn Food 

$19 one-time payment

Dinosaurs Need Hugs

$19 one-time payment

Bad Dog!

$19 one-time payment

Christmas Gnomes

$19 one-time payment

The Story of the Butterfly

$19 one-time payment

Bach Flower Essence Fairies

$19 one-time payment

Joy Package

Our goal at Color Happy is to inspire happiness in others. We do that through color...and a little humor! And our monthly Joy subscription is all about fun and joy.  

Each month, you will receive a completely different coloring package of 30+ pages, designed to make you smile. Quirky, silly, and often rated PG-13, this package is sure to delight every coloring enthusiast.  

  • 30+ pages monthly, plus cover page.
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March 2018 Joy Package - Dinosaurs Need Hugs Next Package Releases April 5th. 

PLUS - subscribers get a discount on all of our regular coloring packages. Get the subscrition rate ($10) on all individual packages purchased!  

And, subscribers to the JOY Package get access to our RAOK (Random Acts of Kindness) bonus monthly package (subscriber exclusive).  

JOY Package - Subscription Automatically renews monthly. Cancel anytime.  

$19 value / $10 monthly