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  • A new way to look at the world and experience happiness
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Presenting: experience.happy - a 5-Senses, immersive adventure, designed to take you on a journey through sound and color that will inspire you into living into a better version of yourself.  

You see, our purpose in life is to wake up each morning and recreate ourselves as a better version of ourselves than the day before. It's about being our authentic, individual selves - not someone we "should" be, or that we feel we're "supposed" to be, but the real us.  

That little voice inside your head that says "I am awesome!" is real! And it's the authentic you, just waiting to show up! It's time to let that voice take the spot light.  

We're all doing the very best that we can with the tools that we have. Each experience.happy adventure focuses on giving you the option to add more positive tools to your tool box!  

You've been lead here, right now, because something is missing in your life. This is it. It's time to experience.happy. 

$37/month subscription. Renews automatically. Receive a completely new adventure monthly.

Money Mindset is available as part of the experience.happy subscription until September 26th. 


August 2018 - Money Mindset

Available from August 30th until September 27th

Get ready to play with new tools on your quest to bring more joy and happiness into your life!  

Join us on this 5-Senses adventure through happiness, and experience what happiness is, and is not. Learn how to make choosing happiness an easy part of your daily living, no matter what circumstances are happening around you.  

Happiness is our natural state of being. It's time for you to experience it, every single day!  

Video Titles Include:  

  • Creating A Better Money Mindset 
  • Money Troubles 
  • Be Aware of Bad Behaviors 
  • Shift Your Mindset, Shift Your Money 
  • Spending Success 
  • Savings Superstar 
  • Budgeting Made Easy 
  • Invest To Success 
  • Mastering your mindset  

Affirmation Color Pages/Audios: 

  • My abundance is generated within me 
  • I am open to all the wealth life has to offer 
  • I see abundance everywhere  
  • I am a money magnet attracting wealth 
  • Abundance flows to me freely and easily 
  • I pay bills before they are do to share the wealth with the ompanys employees 
  • I manage my money wisely 
  • I deserve abundance and prosperity 
  • I am responsible for being a good stewart 
  • I am more and more prosperous everyday 
  • I attract money effortlessly and easily 
  • I continuously discover new avenues of income  
  • I use money to better other peoples lives 
  • I attract lucrative opportunities to create money  
  • My life is full of prosperity 
  • I am destined to find prosperity in everything I do 
  • I maintain my wealth so i can help others 
  • I rejoice for others woh are prosperous and share the abundance
  • I deserve the very best life has to offer 
  • I am surrounded by abundance  

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I Choose Happy

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Magical Mornings

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No More Sugar

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Money Mindset

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