Rose Stained Glass Coloring Project


It’s that time again – another fun coloring project here at ColorMonthly. If you’re looking for more coloring fun, be sure to check out our Club Color Happy packages that are fun for all ages and will provide you with hours of fun. Each month you’ll get 31+ coloring pages for adults for just $10 a month! This week our coloring craft project is create your own rose stained glass picture. There are a few supplies you will need:

  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paintbrush Set
  • 8 x 10 picture frame (pick one up at Michael's or Dollar Store)
  • Elmer's School glue (will need 2 of them; pick up at Michael's or Dollar Store)
  • Rose template
First, print off your template.

You can pick up your free template here:

=====> Rose Stained Glass Template

All printed? Great! Gather all your supplies:


Take the picture frame apart, remove the paper and tape the template to the glass from the picture frame:


Now it's time to get the black acrylic paint and glue mixture ready that will be used to outline the template. Unscrew the top from the glue bottle, open the black paint and squeeze into the glue bottle:


Once all the black paint has been squeezed into the glue bottle it will look like this:


You can shake gently to mix it all together. Now, carefully begin to outline the rose template with the mixture (Note: if a child is doing this project, you may need to do this portion of the craft for them):


Keep going until all complete. It will look like this:


Let dry completely before beginning the next phase of the craft - painting the rest. In the meantime, while the black outlined template is drying prepare the rest of the paints you'll be using. Pour some paint of the colors you'll be using into a container large enough to add paint and some glue:


Now, take the second bottle of Elmer's Glue and squeeze some glue into each container of different paint colors:


Mix the paint and glue together. Now, use the paint brushes and begin painting the rest of the template:


Here's another picture mid process:


Continue painting until you have completed coloring in the template. Once completed, let dry completely. After dry, place the glass back in the frame and it's read to be displayed:


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