Coloring Cart


Hey there! It's time for another weekly craft post. This week, we decided to do something a little different again. Instead of a coloring craft for this week, we're going organizational on you. And if you're as addicted into coloring as we are, you need something to store all your coloring supplies ;-) In this post we're using:

The utility cart can be left as if, or if you want to get your paint on, pick up some fun spray paint from Michaels or even on Amazon. There are some fun glitter spray paints available. I used the compartment organizer to organize my markers by color. I took the individual compartment holders out and put them on the utility cart. They are the red "cups" on the cart below::


 Once I removed the dividers/section, it left an empty box. The box is what I used to store my paint, mod podge, and paint brushes:


The tool tote (on the top shelf - pink tote) is what I use to store my coloring pages, clipboard, and other little odds and ends:


It didn't take long to fill the utility cart with all my supplies. It's amazing how many coloring supplies you can collect ;-) The utility cart makes it easy to store everything in an orderly fashion. It makes it so much easier to find colors I want, instead of having to dig through a drawer full (or tote full, etc.) of mix matched markers, etc. It's also an easy way to store everything in one place and keep things tidy and out of the way:

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